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Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

Scouting has a long and exciting history, and there are many sites dedicated to telling the story. Here is a list of some of the more important dates in the history of Scouting. 



February 1857
Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell, later Baden-Powell, was born.

B-P becomes a national hero during the Siege of Mafeking.

Two boys write to tell B-P that thay have formed the 'Baden-Powell Scouting Society'.

 August 1907
Experimental camp on Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island - the home of the 1907 experimental camp

 January 1908

Part One of Scouting for Boys published.

August 1908
First official Scout Camp run by Baden-Powell at Humshaugh.

 May 1909
The 'British Boy Scouts' are formed.

August 1909
Camp on TS Mercury leads to the formation of Sea Scouts.

'The Boy Scout Association' is formed. 
January 1910
Girl Guides begin.

September 1910
First annual census - 100,298 Scouts and 7,688 Scouters.

May 1916
Scout Jack Cornwell posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, aged 16.

September 1916
Cornwell Medal instituted.  
December 1916
Wolf Cub Section started.  
August 1918
Senior Scouts renamed as Rover Scouts.

July 1920
First World Scout Jamboree held at Olympia, London.

July 1923
The woggle is introduced for holding the necker.

October 1932
First Gang Show is produced by Ralph Reader.

 November 1935
A new design for the Thanks Badge is designed, replacing the swastika design.

A photo of one of the B-PSA's oldest scout groups, 1st Mortimer in 1938; at this time the Scout Group was already 28 years old!
Peter "Skip" Johnson is pictured second row from the front and four from the left - aged 14 he would go on to spend a life time in scouting becoming Southern Area commissioner and remaining a member of the group for some 86 years.

 February 1939
National Service Badge introduced.

September 1939
Germany invades Poland - start of WW2.

January 1941
Baden-Powell dies at Paxtu, Nyeri, Kenya.

January 1941
Air Scouts officially recognised.

May 1945
Germany surrenders.

August 1945
Japan surrenders - WW2 is over. 
August 1946
An organisation for British Scouts in Germany is formed.  
April 1949
First "Bob-a-job" week.

November 1950
Scouts forbidden to hitchhike unless in an emergency.

 February 1959
The Boy Scout Association joins the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  
November 1961
Long trousers are introduced as an option for Senior Scouts and Rovers.

September 1967
The "Advance Party Report" is published, changing the nature of Scouting in Britain.

July 1970
The Scout Action Group publish "The Black Report", asking for traditional Scouting to be allowed to continue.

September 1970
The Baden-Powell Scout's Association breaks from the The Boy - Scout Association, with Lady Baden-Powell's support and her gifting the use of the Baden-Powell name.

Lady Baden-Powell permits the use of B-P in the title of the traditional association 

Beavers were first formed in Canada

June 1977
Olave, Lady Baden-Powell dies, aged 88.

Beavers start in the B-PSA

First WFIS Jamboree held in Denmak - over 850 Scouts attend from all over the world

July 2007
B-PSA Centenary Camp held to mark the anniversary of the Brownsea Camp.
Second WFIS Jamboree held in Medellín, Colombia - over 3000 Scouts attend from all over the world.

August 2008
Jamboree 2008 marks the centenary of the the first Scout Camp.

January 2009
B-PSA UK Launches its new website!

August 2010
B-PSA UK join 1300 Scouts from all over the world in Germany at EUROCAMP 2010

 August 2014
B-PSA UK join 2000 Scouts from all over the world in Italy at EUROCAMP 2014


 Summer 2018

In 2018, the B-PSA hosted Eurocamp - with thousands of scouts from all over the world!

Eurocamp 2018


March 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic places all of the UK into lockdown and changes scouting for a while - but certainly does not stop us! 

One of our groups took the initiative; making care packages and distributing them in their local community. Read more here

23rd April 2020 - St George's Day

We normally host St. George's Day parades all around the UK, however this year we could not due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Undeterred, we still celebrated the day - one of our Scout Groups produced the video below:

Eurocamp 2018

1st January 2021

After dedicating his life to the scouting movement for 75 years, one of the B-PSA's leaders is appointed an MBE in the Queen's annual New Year Honours list. Congratulations - Norman Boxall MBE!

The appointment was reported in the press - Read More

Mr Norman Boxall MBE


2nd January 2021

Norman Boxall MBE is appointed Chief Commissioner by the National Committee.