The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

Rover Scouts hiking in the snowy Cairngorms - January 2009!Are you an adult who would love to develop a range of new or outdoor skills and wonders why the kids get all the opportunities?

For those willing to explore their full potential through outdoor challenge, new projects and getting involved in their community, Rover Scouting offers a safe and supportive group of friends with whom to explore, in a practical way, the answers to some of life’s fundamental questions, build confidence, learn new skills and get a bit fitter. 

You don’t need to have any experience or be particularly fit, just have a positive attitude to try new things and enjoy the company of others. So read on and think how you might gain from giving it a try.


Rover Scouts is the B-PSA section for the over 18 year olds. There is no upper age limit for Rover Scouts and both genders are admitted.

Rover Scouts officially began in September 1918 after Scouts returning from the war wanted to continue Scouting.

Rover Scouting is the final stage in the system of training in the principles and practice of citizenship in which Beavering, Wolf Cubbing, Scouting and Senior Scouting each in turn plays its part; all five sections share the common aim - the development of good citizenship on the basis of the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.

The purpose of Rover Scouts is to facilitate the growth of young adults. Upon joining Rover Scouts, the individual will be guided to train themselves, in body, mind and spirit, for their place as a responsible member of the community. In keeping with this, the Rover motto is "Service".

To find out more about Rover Scouting, check out the Rover Scout Programme.

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