The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!


  1. With a Wolf Cub Pack, camp a total of at least five nights under canvas (not necessarily at the same camp)
  2. Know how to pack your kit properly and how to take care of it, and yourself, at camp.
  3. Help to pitch a tent at camp (under supervision*)
  4. Prepare and cook a meal consisting of bacon and egg (or suitable equivalent) out of doors on an open fire, serve and clear away. (under supervision*). A suitable camping stove mat be used if it is not possible to use an open fire.
  5. Know about safety at camp (i.e. no naked lights in tents, no running between or around tents e.t.c...).
  6. Also know about camp hygiene and the safe disposal of waste food.
  7. Take part in a camp activity. (e.g. making camp gadgets).

*Supervision should be on the basis of one adult to no more than two Cubs.

Note: Before this badge can be awarded the 2nd Star should have been gained.