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Wolf Cub Artist Badge

Draw, in the presence of the examiner, with pencil, brush, pen or crayon, an illustration of any incident or character in a simple story (size not less than 18cm by 12cm).(>A5 paper).

Do three of the following:

a) Draw from life or memory, in pen and ink or pencil, any animal or human being he has seen. Collage, felt- tips and stitch craft may also be used.
b) Draw from nature a landscape or still-life group.
c) Keep a sketch book for 3 months.
d) Illustrate a story by means of matchstick men in a series of not less than four pictures.
e) Make a simple greetings card of his own design using pencil, brush, pen or crayon e.t.c…
f) Make a model in clay, pyruma or other plastic material.

Know the three primary colours and be able to mix secondary colours. Know haw to shade colours.

Know how to create proportional drawings of the human face and body.