The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

  1. Pass or have passed the Firefighter badge.
  2. Explain the fire risks and proper precautions to be taken in his home and Scout Headquarters. Show that he understands what is meant by "spontaneous combustion", where it is likely to arise and the precautions to take. 
  3. Know where to install smoke alarms and how to maintain them.
  4. Understand the functions of 2 of the following: fire-resisting doors, sprinkler systems, rescue reels, hose reels, private fire-alarms and internal hydrant systems.
  5. Demonstrate that he understands the fire risks and precautions to be taken in places of public entertainment.
  6. Plan the fire precautions and seating arrangements for a Scout event or similar entertainment performance.
  7. Be able to recognise the dangers of using open fires in camp and what precautions must be taken.
  8. Visit your local Fire Station and find out how the local Fire Service works with and for the community or attend a fire awareness course provide by your local Fire and Rescue Service.