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White Water Rovers!

No experience necessary! Besides thirty quid, the only requirements were to bring a good sense of humour and get yourself to the Lake District for an exhilirating weekend of white water kayaking. The Rovers weren't dissappointed; although a slight lack of water was a concern the River Rothey, the River Eden proved to be a fantastic river - complete with grade 2/3 rapids and plenty of sunshine. Organisers, river guides and breakfast makers, Zoe Etchells and Paul Hughes, said "we had a jolly good time - great rivers and great company - we'll definitely do it again".


Clive Gray (HQ Commissioner for Rover Scouts) is usually found climbing in the snowy mountains, but after attending the weekend he said, "Fantastic Weekend. I'm so used to being in my comfort zone in the outdoors that it is easy to forget the thrill of doing something out of my experience. White water in a Kayak was definately out of my comfort zone but I loved it even though I went swimming 4 times compared to Ninette's one. Helthily aching this morning!".


Rover Scouts is open to all adults over the age of 18 and offers a safe and supportive group of friends with whom to explore, in a practical way, the answers to some of life’s fundamental questions, build confidence, learn new skills and get a bit fitter. You don’t need to have any experience or be particularly fit, just have a positive attitude to try new things and enjoy the company of others. Over the last year, Rover Scouts all over Britain have been winter mountaineering, flambe cooking, rock climbing, cycling the coast to coast and running scout groups! For more information about Rover Scouts, please visit the B-PSA website or contact us.



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