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 Pirate Sleepover at Kielder

1st Whittingham Beavers headed out across the Cheviots to Kielder Water for their Pirate Sleepover. After unpacking at the lodge, the pirates hoisted the Jolly Roger on their ship and paddled across the Water to search for treasure. The explorers found a remote island and looked for clues, and alongside some rare fungi, finally found the chest of Easter eggs! They returned to shore under sail.

Back at camp, (after a special trip to Hawkhirst’s new bouldering wall and a game of Jenga) the pirates collected fire wood and prepared their food parcels to cook on the fire. They sat down for a hearty meal in the forest, before singing and telling stories around the campfire.

The next morning, they worked on their pirate hats, swords and spy-glasses before finding a note from another group of pirates written in charcoal on a piece of driftwood. There was a trail of medals to follow through the woods to find some more booty!

Back at camp, it was time for some pirate hot dogs and badges before a final farewell. All the Beavers had a wonderful night away from home (for some their first!), and all look forward to their next sleepover!

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