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After being approached about permission to take Senior Scouts hiking, the decision was made to say that is currently not allowed for Scouts and Senior Scouts.

There are reasons to support this decision.

  1. Current guidance from the Government is groups of six can meet outside, for B-PSA this means 5 Scouts / Seniors and one adult supervisor or 4 Scouts / Seniors and Two adult supervisors, if there is more than one group out hiking they would not be able to meet.
  2. This is then affected by the tier that the Scout Groups area is under, in tier 1 and 2 groups of 6 can meet outside if in tier 3 people can only meet from the same household.
  3. In Wales you currently cannot meet anyone outside your own household.
  4. NYA guidance is that outdoor areas are to be covid secure, meaning nobody from outside the Group can access the area, ie marking off an area of a local park or using a playing field.

In the letter B-PSA COVID-19 Starting Back face to face meetings dated 12/9/20 it was stated that we were working on getting section meetings back, not outdoor activities.

The guidance about outdoor activities such as hiking will be reviewed in January 2021 unless there is a big drop in infection rates.


Covid-19 Team