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Scout Leaders take the lead with Covid-19 efforts

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has changed scouting - but certainly not stopped it! 

One of our groups took the initiative; making care packages and distributing them in their local community. This has now led to a full-blown community effort.

Kymberley Astwood-Wainwright and Mandy Moran from 1st Rochdale Scouts

The initiative was started a couple of weeks ago by Kymberley Astwood-Wainwright, a scout leader at St Thomas’ Church, making up bags of essentials and delivering them around Kirkholt with several other scout leaders.

Now their efforts have grown to an operation based at the Strand, involving Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, local councillors, council workers and Kirkholt Pantry volunteers, meaning larger food hampers can be distributed.

The local press report can be read here.