The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!


This badge will be awarded when the Beaver has completed all of the following activities, which must be carried out over a period of at least SIX months:

            (1) Visit the local Police Station and find out some ways to help prevent crime.

            (2) Visit the local Fire Station and find out about the danger of fire and some ways of preventing it.

            (3) Find out ways of preventing accidents

                        (a) in the home

                        (b) on the road.

                        (c ) in the playground.

                        (d) in the swimming baths.

            (4) Find out about recycling of waste, what use can be made of recycled items and take part in a recycling exercise.

            (5) Find out what functions the Local Council  performs and how, in a simple way, it raises its finances.

            (6) Find out the effects of vandalism on an area and how the cost of repair or replacement is recouped.

            (7) Assist the Local Council (District, Town or Parish) by, with permission, planting out an area of public land with flowers, shrubs or trees; and has satisfied the Examiner that he knows the subjects.

Note: If (7) is not possible, an acceptable alternative would be to help plant out a front garden of an aged or infirm person.