The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

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The Senior Scout Entertainer Badge
1.      Perform three items, each to last at least 3 minutes, from the following: dancing, singing, playing an instrument, reciting.
Note: The items may be of the same kind e.g. 3 contrasted songs. The standard is to be very high and suitable for a public entertainment.
2.      Entertain Scouts for 12 minutes with at least three of the following (other than items performed in Part 1): conjuring tricks; magic; juggling; playing whistle, guitar or other portable instrument; character sketches; stories; songs with chorus; mime; jokes.
Note: The standard need not be so high as in (1), but suitable for a parents evening or camp fire.
3.       Either:
a.       Use theatrical makeup to make a clown face, or
b.      Design a stage costume.