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The Senior Scout Public Health Badge 

1.     Know what is meant by Public Health - what it is and how it has developed.
2.     Have a general knowledge of the functions of the human body and how it works.
3.     Have a knowledge of the modern methods of disease prevention.
4.     Know the rules of healthy living in camp and construct to a high degree of efficiency:
a.     A camp incinerator.
b.    A properly screened and fitted latrine suitable for a Patrol camp of 7 days.
c.     A grease pit.
d.    A camp urinal.
e.     A camp larder, proof against flies, to take perishable food for a Patrol.
5.     Know how to improve and safeguard his own personal health.
6.     Understand the dangers of infectious and contagious diseases, including venereal diseases, and the measures taken by the Local Authorities to prevent their occurrence.
7.     Describe methods used in his district to ensure sanitary storage, collection and destruction of house refuse, and understand the importance of such measures.