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The Senior Scout Mountaineer BAdge

To demonstrate the core skills required to plan expeditions and navigate safely in mountain terrain (terrain 2) in summer conditions and gain experience towards leading remotely supervised mountain journeys as part of the DofE scheme or under the supervision of a qualified person.     

Complete the requirements below:
  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the differences between the contents of a mountain day sack, a mountain leaders day sack and a mountain expedition rucksack including group equipment.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Naismith’s Rule, pacing and timing on different terrain at night or very low visibility (such as fog) by navigating to at least 6 features over 3 km in wild country (terrain 1), to pin point accuracy using a 1:25 map.
  3. Demonstrate the safe creation and use of at least 1 direct and indirect belay using only a rope on steep ground.
  4. Explain the dangers of River crossings and the use of a rope for this purpose, plus describe 2 other types of river crossing process.  
  5. Tie and use of a Thompson knot for a lower from a belay.
  6. Plan, complete and log at least 4 full mountain days (a minimum of approximately 7 hours each) in different seasons and on different mountains (considered to be Terrain 2) supervised by a qualified mountain leader.
  7. Plan, complete and log a 2 day, 1 night mountain expedition carrying your own shelter and wild camping supervised by a qualified mountain leader.

    While Senior Scouts should complete their own planning and execute their own terrain 2 journeys they should be supervised by a qualified Mountain Leader who should remain with them at all times in line with the B-PSA insurance requirements.