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The Senior Scout Meteroligist Badge

  1. Pass or have passed parts (3) & (4) of the Weatherman badge.
  2. Keep, from his own personal observations a daily record of the weather, for 1 month (as for Weatherman's badge but for all headings).
  3. Explain the purposes and principles of the simple thermometer, wet and dry-bulb thermometer(s), barometer and anemometer.
  4. Know how synoptic weather maps are produced and be able to understand a simplified version of such a map. Such as is printed in a newspaper or shown on television.
  5. Understand the following: relative humidity, dew-point, isobar, millibar, isotherm, Buys-Ballot's law, cold front, warm front, and illustrate any explanation with diagrams.
  6. Construct a wind-vane, and a simple rain-gauge.