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The Senior Scout Leading Signaller Badge

  1. Send and receive a message of not less than 150 letters, at a rate 9 in Semaphore (45 letters per minute).
  2. Send and receive a similar message in Morse: on buzzer at rate 8 (40 lpm) - on lamp at rate 6 (30 lpm).
  3. Demonstrate that he knows a recognised procedure when sending and receiving a message.
  4. Improvise at least 2 methods of sending a message (1 Morse and 1 Semaphore) at least 800m at or over rate 4 (20 lpm).
Note: 90% accuracy to be required in all tests. Outdoor sending and receiving stations to be a minimum of 185m apart. Buzzer stations to be in separate rooms.
Alternative for Sign Language
  1. Pass or have passed the sign language part of the Scout Signaller Badge.
  2. Find our about facilities and products for Deaf People
  3. Understand the importance of inclusion for Deaf People
  4. Interact with Deaf People (e.g. at a deaf club or school)