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The Senior Scout Horse Riding Badge
1.     Should be an active horseman and understand the meaning of balance and collection. Know the reasons for maintaining the correct seat and applying correct aids. When jumping, should fully realise the necessity of not interfering with the horse's mouth and loin. Be able to jump fences at all paces.
a.     Be able to fit saddler
b.    Have a knowledge of the care and cleaning of saddlery
c.     Know the various articles of grooming kit and be able to use them
d.    Understand the care and working of a pony off grass
e.     Have an elementary knowledge of shoeing and First Aid
f.     Know the governing principles of feeding and watering, and be able to put these principles into practice
g.    Know the governing principles of ventilation in the stable
h.     Be able to rug up and bandage correctly