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The Senior Scout Hiker Badge

  1. Demonstrate methods of packing and carrying a complete hiking kit for a 24-hrs. Be prepared to justify his choice of kit.
  2. Take part in 3 hikes, during each of which kit is carried and the Scout sleeps out, distance of 2 hikes to be at least 16 km each; distance of the other to be not less than 48 km, with 2 nights camping out. Logs of high standard to be produced.
  3. Select a route for a 24 km hike from a 1:25 000 or 1:50 000 O.S. map, not necessarily of his own district, giving reasons for his choice of route.
  4. From a map select 3 areas of 1 km square, approximately, where a good hike camp site should be possible, giving reasons for choice of the areas.
  5. Make an article of hiking kit, such as tent, sleeping bag, camp fire blanket, rucksack, or a bag or other container in which to pack billy, food or toilet necessities, etc.
  6. Show a knowledge of personal hygiene and the care of feet and footgear.
Note: This badge is a requirement for the Senior Explorer Badge.