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The Senior Scout Handyman Badge
Be able to do 10 of the following, at least 6 of which (selected by the Examiner) must be demonstrated:
  1. Build a bird/ bat box or bird table.(b) Paint or stain a window frame or door.
  2. Paint a ceiling, paper or paint a room, including wood work.
  3. Know what precautions to take against frost and how to thaw out frozen pipes in a dwelling or house.
  4. Repair defective plastering.
  5. Re-hang a door and repair door furniture, including handles, locks etc.
  6. Effect minor repairs to furniture, such as broken castors, and minor upholstery repairs.
  7. Lay and repair block paving.
  8. Put a neat patch on a garment.
  9. Lay lino or laminate flooring.
  10. Clean and polish a car.
  11. Wash and iron a shirt.
  12. Mix concrete and effect simple repairs with it.
  13. Repair children's toys.
  14. Wire a plug.