The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

The Senior Scout Forester Badge

  1. Be able to identify, in summer and in winter, 20 varieties of trees. Know their uses as timber and fuel and be able to recognise them from a distance.
  2. Have a general knowledge of the structure of a tree and how it feeds, breathers and makes timber.
  3. Know the dangers to which trees and woods may be exposed, ie. fire, snow, frost, insects, diseases and animals. Discuss the methods of combating these dangers.
  4. Prepare soil and successfully transplant a young tree (not a seedling). Know how to deal with wounds in growing trees.
  5. Know how to select an axe, name the parts, how to take care of it and the safety rules of axemanship.
  6. Know how to use a felling axe in felling and logging up. Use a cross cut saw and wedges.
  7. Demonstrate the general principles of felling, trimming, logging up, moving and stacking timber, and calculate the amount of useful timber in a given tree.