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The Senior Scout may choose to complete all of the elements from either Part A, B or C

Part A: Course Angling*
  1. Load a fixed spool reel with line.
  2. Make up both; a float rod, and a feeder rod.
  3. Make up a cast for a waggler float, a stick float, and a ledger rig.
  4. Tie a spade end hook to a trace.
  5. Show a knowledge of local waters, both lakes and rivers, and the types of bait used.
  6. Demonstrate a Blood Knot and a stopper knot.
  7. Produce photographs of recent catches.
  8. Identify, from pictures, six coarse fish.
Part B: Game Angling*
  1. Make up a cast and attach dropper flies using a Blood Knot.
  2. Tie three different varieties of fly.
  3. Demonstrate an overhead cast, with the fly coming to rest in a 1 metre circle, at a distance of 10 metres, 5 times out of 10.
  4. Be able to identify both Rainbow and Brown Trout.
  5. Produce photographs of recent catches.
*In both A and B know the "Close Seasons" and licenses required.
Part C: Sea Angling
  1. Load either a fixed spool reel or a multiplier reel with line.
  2. Tie a 'Shock Leader' to the main line.
  3. Make up a trace of two paternoster hook lengths.
  4. Discuss with the examiner the difference between pier and beach fishing.
  5. Explain the dangers involved in:
    a. Tides and their movements.
    b. Fishing during darkness.
    c. Wading.
  6. Produce photographs of recent catches and identify baits used to catch different species.