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The Senior Scout Despatch Rider Badge

  1. Demonstrate that he knows the Highway Code, traffic signals, lighting-up times, road signs, National system of road numbering and is also able to read a road map.
  2. Own, or have the use of, a cycle, motor cycle or motor car.
  3. Be able to carry out running repairs to the cycle, motor cycle or car.
  4. Carry a verbal message of not less than 40 words and deliver correctly after a journey of at least 8km, in the course of which he must meet and deal with some emergency staged by the Examiner.
  5. Make a report, including a sketch map of the scene, on some emergency such as a motor accident, giving adequate details for the police and doctor.
  6. Write a message from dictation and deliver it to a point at least 8km away indicated only by map reference.