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The Senior Scout Crime Watch Badge

1.     Pass or have passed the Crime Prevention badge.


a.     Take part in a group visit to your Local Police Station or arrange for someone from your local police station to visit your Group.

b.    Show a knowledge of the:

                                          i.    history of the Police Force

                                         ii.    organisation of the Police Force

                                        iii.    duties of a Crime Prevention Officer.


a.     Compose from life:

                                          i.    a pedal cycle checklist

                                         ii.    a motor vehicle checklist

                                        iii.    a personal description

                                        iv.    a vehicle description.

4.     Show a knowledge of


                                          i.    crime prevention in the home

                                         ii.    holiday security

                                        iii.    security of personal possessions

b.    Carry out a survey of your home and Scout H.Q. with regard to (a) above.

5.     Know:

a.    what steps to take for personal security

b.    how to summon urgent assistance by either telephone or runner

c.    what is meant by 'Hue and Cry'

6.     Design a crime prevention poster and slogan other than that as covered in Section 5 of the Scout Crime Prevention Badge.

7.     Give a talk on a crime prevention topic or on crime prevention generally to other members of your Group or Area.