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The Senior Scout Caterer Badge

ALL parts to be completed.

a.     Make a scrapbook or collection or file of 1 type of cooking, e.g. Cooking for children; cooking with cheese; cooking for vegetarians; buffet; Chinese; etc.
b.    Present findings neatly and attractively - information, pictures, recipes, etc.
a.     Work out a menu, lay a table, then prepare, cook and serve a 3-course meal for 6 people and serve coffee.
b.    Write a menu for the table, write invitations to the Examiner and 5 guests.
c.     Clear up after the meal and leave the kitchen clean and tidy.
The help of 1 other Scout who is taking the test may be obtained.
Prepare a buffet for approximately 20 people. Most of it is to be prepared the previous day (to show the keeping qualities of food). Show how a buffet meal can be varied and adventurous.
a.     how convenience foods can be widely used.
b.    how to plan a balanced diet.
c.     how to store food at home.
d.    how to make use of kitchen aids, such as kitchen roll, cling film, foil etc.
e.     what is meant by culinary terms; roasting, grilling, steaming, boiling, frying, basting etc.
Be ready to answer questions on any part of the test.