The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

1.   Make any 2 of the following, 1 of which shall be of the Scout's own design and is to be accompanied by his working drawing. (The use of kit in 1 section is permitted.)
a.       Rubber-driven model to fly for 60 sec.
b.      Glider (tow launched with 50, max, line) to fly for 90 sec.
c.       Glider (hand launched) to fly for 40 sec.
d.      Engine-powered model (15 sec max. motor run) to fly for 90 sec.
e.      Water plane (to rise off water) to fly for:
            Seaplane - 40 sec
            Flying boat - 20 sec
f.        Flying scale model to fly for 20 sec.
g.       Control line - start his model and get it airborne in 5 mins. Perform at least 15 laps demonstrating his control of the model by performing such manoeuvres as are appropriate to its type, followed by a smooth landing.
            e.g. Trainer, sports, team racer or scale - climb and dive.
            Stunt - climb, dive and loop.
            Speed - 10 laps level at 2m.
2.      Discuss his models with the Examiner with special reference to the methods of construction and the general aero dynamic principles affecting flight, e.g., how lift is obtained; causes and effect of drag; stall and method(s) of curing.