The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!

 1. Demonstrate ability to use a compass including knowing the parts of the compass, setting a map and taking a bearing.

2. Demonstrate ability to determine distances by pacing.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between Ordnance Survey maps and orienteering maps, the symbols and colours used, and IOF control descriptions.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of good route choice and being able to aim off, use hand rails and use catching features in navigation.

5. Demonstrate an understanding of what equipment to take on an orienteering course, and how to stay safe. 

6. Carry out a simple 5-turn compass bearing exercise.

7. Take part in at least 2 orienteering events over a course of at least 2.5km. Achieve a finish in both events.