The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!



1. Demonstrate the meaning of time signatures and the ordinary musical signs denoting pitch length in staff notation.

2. Do three of the following:

(a) Play 3 contrasting pieces.

(b) Sing or play a piece of simple music at sight.

(c) Show that you have made a regular contribution to the music of an instrumental group, choir or orchestra over a period of 6 months.

(d) Choose a song with 2 parts and sustain the second part while the Examiner sings the air.

(e) Compose a piece about 16 bars in length.


3. Either:

(a) Sing 2 songs. I of them to be a folk song or traditional song (Suitable for unaccompanied singing at a camp-fire.)

(b) Sing a part (treble or alto) in a part-song or sing a song with a chorus and lead the chorus at a camp-fire.


(a) Play two tunes (1 fast, 1 slow) on a pipe or other instrument.

(b) Whistle or sing a tune with a good chorus OR train and lead a small party of whistlers or singers in a tune at a camp-fire.