1. Know the usual safety-first rules for rifle shooting and have a knowledge of the parts of a rifle in use, its care and cleaning.
  2. Produce two targets fired by himself within the previous 4 weeks for any of the 4 alternative test, either concurrently or preferably on different dates showing that on both occasions not less than the minimum score has been gained. The target must be certificated by the instructors. Edge of shot hole nearest the centre of the target to decide the value of the hit.

AIR RIFLE (0.177inch) Any single loading type. Position standing or prone. Sling may be used. Ten shots at the following range:

Distance 5.5m

Min Score 55

Targets NSRA Air 7 or R 2

Note: When using air rifles care must be taken to fix the targets so that pellets do not rebound to the danger of the firer’s eyes. All shooting activities to be supervised by suitably qualified personnel.