Jobman (Public service)


Be able to do 8 of the following, at least 4 of which will be selected by the Examiner to be demonstrated:

  1. Paint a door or gate and know how to clean paint brushes.
  2. Emulsion a wall and clean the brush afterwards.
  3. Demonstrate the correct method of wiring a three pin electric plug and the various fuse ratings to suit the appliance.
  4. Replace a tap washer.
  5. Clean a carpet.
  6. Know how to lag  pipes and what immediate steps to take in case of burst water pipes or gas leak. Know the location of both the water stop tap and the gas main stop valve.
  7. Attend to stopped gutters or waste pipes.
  8. Repair a gate or fence.
  9. Sew on a button and a badge neatly.
  10. Know the uses of a circuit breaker when working out of doors with electric appliances e.g. lawnmowers..
  11. Treat a fence and clean the brush afterwards.
  12. Fix a curtain rail and hang curtains correctly.