Information Technology




The Scout should do two out of the following sections (All tasks to be set by the Examiner):


A Scout is required to name by sight and explain the functions of the following:   

·         Sound card

·         Modem, Motherboard

·         CD Drive

·         DVD Drive

·         Monitor

·         Keyboard

·         Floppy Drive

·         Graphics card

·         Hard Disk 

2. Maintenance

A Scout is to demonstrate how to carry out maintenance and why it is necessary:    

·         De-fragment Hard Disks           

·         Checking for viruses             

·         Check Hard Disk for errors 

3. General Usage

The Scout should be able to demonstrate the following uses of the computer:

·         Word Processing

·         Entertainment (Games, music, watching DVD’s).

The Scout should be fluent and demonstrate the uses in the following programmes:

·         Excel—show how to set up an account document.

·         Word– set up a poster advertising your Group. 

4. Internet Usage

The Scout should be able to demonstrate the uses of the computer on the internet and e-mail.

The Scout should also be able to explain:

·         Means of internet safety

·         How the internet works

·         How to update drivers.