The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!



1. Demonstrate that they have been thorough in their work and tidy and helpful in the home.

2. Demonstrate:

(a) Carry out the following for a period of seven consecutive days or 4 consecutive weekends clean their own and another person’s shoes.
 Air and make beds satisfactorily.
(b) Lay the table for a two-course meal for the family. Clear away and wash up afterwards leaving the kitchen tidy.
(c) Carry out the weekly cleaning of a room including glass, floor and furniture.

3. Clean a cooker hob, grill and oven.

4. Know how to use and clean a dustbin, and how to clean the sink and keep it free from grease.


(a) Understand simple food values, plan a balanced meal for a family
(b) Know how to do the family shopping. How to choose fresh food and how to store it at home.
(c) Know how to store and use leftover food safely.


6. Know how to prevent accidents in the home.