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1. Understand how your local Fire Brigade works.

2. Explain simply the process of combustion. Know the effects of smoke and heat and how to act in smoke. Know the dangers involved and understand the fire precautions necessary in the home relating to:

a) electrical wiring, appliances and fuses
b) airing linen
c) oil and solid fuel heaters
d) flammable adhesives
e) candles
f) party decorations
g) household uses of gas, petrol and paraffin (kerosene) and flammable furniture material.

3. Know the dangers of fire at camp and what precautions should be taken. Know the causes of and how to deal with heath and grass fires.

4. Explain what action should be taken, and why, for an outbreak of fire indoors and out. Know the correct procedure to be followed when calling the fire brigade.

5. Know how to use fire extinguishers and on what fires they are to be used on. Know how to deal with a person whose clothes are on fire.

6. Demonstrate how to make a Fireman's Chair Knot and Bowline and how to rescue an insensible person through smoke.


This badge should be completed with the assistance of the local Fire and Rescue Service

Scouts learning about fire safety.