The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!



1. Arrange and carry out an expedition for yourself and at least three other Scouts, preferably members of your Patrol, of at least 2 days and one night's duration in country not previously visited. All equipment to be carried in rucksacks and to include all food. Each rucksack to weigh not more than 14kgs.

2. Plan a project and submit it to the Examiner for approval. Carry it out with a companion to the Examiner's satisfaction.

(The type of project should be a simple exploration, such as identifying and mapping all footpaths or bridleways or waterways within a mile radius of a given point.)

3. Complete a journey with a companion of 3 miles by compass bearings only. Four different bearings by degrees to be used. A map may be used.

4. From a map, select 3 areas, where a good hike camp site should be possible giving reasons for your choice of the site.

5. Make an article of hiking kit such as a tent, sleeping bag, campfire blanket, rucksack or a bag or other container in which to pack a billy, food or toilet necessities etc.

6. Show a knowledge of personal hygiene and the care of feet and footgear.