The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!



1. Demonstrate your interest, practice and proficiency in some form of two the following:

a) Graphic art- sketching, painting, etching, wood cuts, linoleum cuts etc.
b) Decorative work- wallpaper design, printed or woven fabrics, posters, book jackets, wrought iron etc.
c) Plastic art- modeling in clay, plasticine, designing and making pottery etc.
d) Carving- wood, stone or semi-permanent material eg soap
e) Lettering- Roman, Gill Sans, Script etc.
In no case is the work to be copy or tracing and you must be prepared to state on your
honor that the work is entirely by your own hand.

2. In the presence of the Examiner, make a sketch of some object, or group of objects, or design selected by him, relating to the subject chosen in (1).