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(a) Obtain from your local Police Station, or search and discover, leaflets on home security and explain to the Examiner how a householder can make their home more secure.

 (b) Find out how a 'Neighborhood Watch Scheme' operates. if there is one in your neighborhood, know how to be of assistance to them.

Give examples of how neighbors can protect your home from burglary or damage. Tell the Examiner what a Crime Prevention Panel is, what its aims are and give examples of projects it could undertake.

2. Know what drivers should do to try to keep their parked cars and contents secure and if you own a cycle, what steps you can take to make your cycle secure when left unattended.

3. Explain:

 (a) The benefits of a door chain and a door viewer
 (b) The possible dangers to an elderly person leaving a door chain fastened all the time.
 (c) What you can do to make sure that a caller at the door is genuine.

4. Explain:

The advice that parents should give to their children about talking to strangers.
What children must tell their parents if going out alone or with other children.

5. Design a poster and a slogan warning other children about 'Stranger danger'

6. Explain:

(a) Property marking using the postcode,
(b) Visible and invisible marking and how they are achieved and take to the Examiner examples of property which are suitable for visible and invisible marking.

7. Know what steps to take if you see someone burgling or causing damage.