The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

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1. Bring a letter to say that you have prepared, cooked and served a complete dinner and cleared away afterwards.

2. Be able to cook at least one dish from sections a-e at the choice of the Examiner .

            a. Boiling: Soup, Potatoes, Fresh vegetables, Porridge, Custard, Blancmange

            b. Steaming:  Puddings, Suet mixture, Suet crust, Plain cake mixture.

            c. Stewing: Meat, Fruit.

            d. Baking: Pastry, Milk Puddings, Scones, Rock buns or equivalent, Plain cakes,

            e. Frying and Grilling: Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, fish in shallow fat.

3. Make tea, coffee and cocoa.

4. Washup the utensils from the test and be aware of kitchen hygiene requirements.

5. Lay a table.


Answer questions on food and the dishes just prepared. Have a knowledge of the prices of the materials used. Understand why special care is necessary when cooking vegetables and how their nutritional values may be most easily conserved.