Conservationist (Public service)

Scout Conservationist Badge

1. Know the meaning of the words: conservation, ecology and energy.

2. Explain the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Find out ways in which your family wastes materials or other natural resources.  Suggest how this can be remedied and take part in a re-cycling project.

3. Choose an area such as a churchyard, roadside verge or piece of waste ground and make a record of plants and animals found there. Produce a chart or diagram to show the likely food chain in this area.

4. Either one of the following;

            (a) Take part in a project with a conservation group or society.

            (b) Cultivate a small piece of ground with wild flowers or trees native to your area and grown from seed.


Note: In 3 and 4(b), permission must be obtained from the owner of the land.