The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

Traditional Scouting for the 21st Century!


1. Make a satisfactory shelter for two people using natural materials. Sleep in it for one night.

2. Skin and cook (without utensils) a rabbit or cook in clay a bird at least as large as a pigeon, or clean and cook a fresh fish.

3. Demonstrate three of the following:

(a) The ability to deal with an accident or injury when in isolated situations.
(b) Climb a tree to a height of at least 2 metres from the ground and lash on the foundation spars of a platform.
(c) Construct a raft (real or model) capable in construction of transporting at least two persons. (If model is made, must carry weight in proportion to scale).
(d) The construction of a sundial, or gadget to find the true North.
(e) Any method of purifying contaminated water and of straining muddy water.

4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the dangers of exposure and its treatment.

Note: The badge is designed to be completed in wooded lowlands. Wild mountainous country is not intended