Aircraft Modeller


1. Construct a model aeroplane (use of kit permitted) which shall have the following minimum flight performance:


Glider (Hand launched) 25 seconds
Glider (Tow launched)  45 seconds (Maximum line length 50m or 55yds)
Rubber powered   30 seconds
Engine powered   45 seconds (15secs maximum motor run)
Control line Demonstrate the model by making a smooth take off, 3 laps level flight at approximately 2 m and climb and dive with a smooth landing.


2. Have a knowledge of the basic principles of flight including the 3 axis and their effect on stability and control. 


  1. Be able to construct from a simple kit (Skill level 1 or 2) a working model rocket.
  2. Explain to the examiner how in theory, the model is supposed to work from lift-off to landing.
  3. Show the Examiner the rocket engine and explain what the code letters and numbers stand for.
  4. Have a good knowledge of the ‘National Association of Rocketry' model rocket safety code and be prepared to answer a short questionnaire.
  5. Make 3 successful launches and recoveries of your model.