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Wolf Cub Swimming Badge

1. Be able to swim 25m, any stroke except back stroke.

2. Swim on the back for 15m.

3. Be able to float on back for 60 sec in salt water or 30 sec in fresh water.


Tread water for 2 min in salt water or 1 min in fresh water.

4. Be able to surface dive (i.e. dive while standing in the water or swimming).


Perform a straddle jump.


Be able to dive from the side of the bath, if appropriate do so with regard to safety and local regulations.

5. Know the ‘Water Safety Code' and the Heat Exposure Lessening Position (H.E.L.P.).

6. Be able to exit the water unaided.

Note: A qualified lifeguard must be in attendance at all times during the test.