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Wolf Cub Guide Badge

1. Be able to give clear and concise directions well expressed and clearly spoken, to the examiner; do so politely and promptly. Be aware of the dangers of speaking to or being approached by strangers.

2. From the Cubs home know the whereabouts of the nearest:

a) Police Station

b) Doctor

c) Chemist

d) Public telephone

e) Fire Station

f) Railway station

g) Petrol station

h) Motor garage

i) Hotel

3. Know how to call Fire, Police and Ambulance.

4. In towns know the number, if any, and at least two places each way on the route of the local buses up to a maximum of four routes. In the country know the route of the local bus or buses.

5. Be aware of the position of the fire alarms, fire exits and fire extinguishers in regular Cub meeting places.