The Baden-Powell Scouts' Association

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  1. Show that you know the meaning of first aid. Know the need for adult help and how to summon it. Be aware of the need for personal safety.
  2. Show how to dress minor cuts and grazes. Know the importance of cleanliness in treatment.
  3. Know how to treat sprains. Apply a triangular bandage or a crepe bandage to a sprained ankle. Put on a large arm sling.
  4. Know the common causes of burns and scalds in the home and how to prevent them. Know how to put out burning clothing. Know the simple treatments for burns and scalds.
  5. Know how to treat a nose bleed.
  6. Know the possible simple causes of shock (not electric) and show how to treat shock.

Note: Throughout the test the Cub should show that they can reassure the patient and make them comfortable, including treatment for shock.