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Investing in Our Leaders

In 2011 the B-PSA launched an internal bursary scheme to train our leaders. The aim of this bursary fund is to promote skills development amongst our members to provide outdoor and traditional Scouting activities.

At the first anniversary of the training bursary, it's appropriate to take stock of what has been achieved. The following quote is from one of our bursary recipients.

Tony Simpson - British Cycling Level 2 Coach Course

When the Bursary was announced it seemed a great opportunitry to get myself qualified as a cycling coach. I had been cycling to and from work for some 25 years and my son Charlie (who has moved up from B-PSA cubs to B-PSA Scouts) has been a member of our local Palmer Park Velo on and off before he was even off stabilizers.

The precourse reading arrived with CRB forms and the Level one books (1 inch thick). Eight days and 40 hours of studying later an I was leaving home at 0630 to Portsmouth. Day one ended with some homework for the next day, after the drive home and dinner with the family. The following morning, I personally coached 7 course members in rotation. We were also given the next part of the homework and manuals - again measured in inches (all Three inches!) with a note indicating approx 56 hours studying was required.

Sunday 20th May it was another 0630 start for day three of the course and another session in which I had to personally coach. I was highlighted in my review for my attention to detail on planning and health and safety awareness.

I have now run five linked coaching sessions for 1st Reading Cubs and Scouts and 1st Early Scouts. Once qualified I can diversify to Mountain Biking, Speedway, Cyclocross, Track etc.

To the right, you'll find photos of our other bursary recipients undertaking their training.