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Wolf Cub Crime Prevention Badge

1. Explain to the examiner:

a) What you must tell your parents if you are going away from home without them.

b) What you must remember to do and say if a stranger (either a man or woman) starts to talk to you.

2. Draw a picture and write a slogan to encourage children and young people to respect property of others and discourage vandalism.

3. Know your own postcode and explain to the examiner:

a) What a postcode is for and how it is composed.

b) How it can help prevent property from being stolen.

c) How it helps the police return property to its owner.

4. Visit your local police station or library to:

a) Obtain 2 leaflets about crime prevention and explain them to the examiner.

b) Find out what ‘Neighbourhood Watch' is and what it does.

5. Explain to the examiner what should be done in an effort to prevent burglary in your home:

a) If your family is going out for the day.

b)  If your family is going on holiday.

6. Understand the impact of crime on victims.

7. Give a description of an incident or a stranger from witness memory.